June 23, 2010

First Post - Then and Now

I'll start things off here with a few useful comparison images.

Me and the wife, July 4th weekend of 2009:

Us again, Jan 2010:
Dec 09 and Jan 10 marked the high point on the scale (and low end of things fitness-wise) for me. Topped around 190lbs, which may not sound like a lot compared to some, but I'd ended high school in 2003 around 140-145lbs in great shape. Feb of this year saw me make up my mind to get off my rear end and actually DO something - I started out in the fitness center in our community clubhouse and in March I joined CrossFit Rockwall. Awesome start to the change over the next few months, but exercise alone doesn't cut it. I also made a series of changes to my diet, starting with drastically cutting sugar intake (no more soda!) and aiming for 'healthier' food options, ie: sandwiches and baked chips instead of a cheeseburger and fries. After starting CrossFit I looked into their advice on nutrition - a combination of the Zone and Paleo diets, but what really clicked for me was the principles and plan espoused by the Primal Blueprint. I jumped into a Paleo/Primal style diet (that's diet-as-way-of-eating, not your standard just-do-it-for-a-while-Diet) and haven't looked back.

Well, that's a lie, I have looked back to measure progress! Here's the now:
~162lbs (down 25lbs from high point, 20 of which dropped in the first two months of diet change)
Body Fat % somewhere around 10% now, aiming for 8%!

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