June 24, 2010

WOD: Test Deadlift 1RM and Isabel

Late posting (doh!) for Weds 6/23/2010's WOD. Details can be found on the CFR blog. My workout was:

  • Warm-up + 400m run
  • Test for Deadlift 1RM
Isabel: 30 reps for time of:
  • Snatch

New Deadlift max is 130kg, a jump of 15kg from my previous 1RM as tested on 3/28/2010. I've decided that my new goal is to continue working this and get to 2x body weight (~145kg).

I did Isabel at a super-light weight (20kg) since the previous two days were pretty rough and my shoulders are not happy with me at present. I spent 20 minutes before this workout doing some stretching and self-massage to try to work some stuff out, but definitely need to get some ice on the shoulders and possibly take a rest day.

Isabel took 3:00. I spent some extra time to make sure I was doing proper (or what felt like proper) form on the snatch, since this is only my second time doing this lift.

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