June 29, 2010

Got My Crack...I mean almond butter...

Seriously, it is like crack. Delicious, nutty, fatty, oh-so-tasty crack. Bought some more today and of course broke it out for the next meal! Did cooked spinach at dinner for the first time in a while. It's interesting that raw spinach, while good for you, can (more quickly) be a bad thing in quantity; while on the other hand, cooked spinach is actually better for you than raw and less of a worry about the negatives.

  • 5 eggs scrambled in butter with half of an onion chopped up and mixed in
  • a full head of broccoli cooked in butter. Remember this stuff is like a sponge! Soaked up at least 2 tablespoons if not more
  • an apple

Munched on fresh dark cherries (about 2 dozen) followed by some (unsalted & raw) cashews following my WOD while getting dinner going.

Browned up a lb of grass-fed ground beef, gave just a little to the wifey and kept the other 13-14oz for myself! Spiced up the meat initially with minced garlic and black pepper. Added the chopped onion (other half left over from breakfast) and repeated the above spices. Then added paprika, oregano, basil, parsley, and marjoram in no particular proportions - I cook using the "that looks about right" method - and continued stirring. Added a whole bunch of frozen chopped spinach, waited for it to warm up a bit and then repeated the round of 5 spices again. Topped with fresh ground black pepper at the table.
  • Beef-onion-spinach concoction
  • Apple + almond butter crack

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