June 24, 2010

WOD: Test Shoulder Press 1RM and more shoulder stuff

Details as usual on CF Rockwall blog. My workout was:

  • Warm-up + some practice handstand push-ups
  • Test for Shoulder Press 1RM
For time:

  • 10 handstand push-ups (scaled using blue/blue exercise bands)
  • 25 box jumps @ 24"
  • 35 pull ups
  • 50 wall ball shots @ 16lbs
  • 100 double unders
  • 200m run w/ 20kg weight

New Shoulder Press max is 50kg
, up from 45kg back on 3/25/2010. I had two failed attempts at 55kg. Also, had Jamie (wifey) video the shoulder press attempts for reviewing my form. Will have to see if I can get those up here somehow.

I did the workout as Rx'd, minus scaling for the HSPUs and weight on the wall balls. Time was 17:12.

Despite my earlier complaints about the shoulders, taking it easy on Weds seems to have been worth it as I actually felt pretty good during the workout. Extra time spent stretching prior likely helps. I was burned at the end of this, though, and took a quick shower before jumping (ok more like slowly lowering myself) in the tub filled with water as cold as it comes out without adding ice to soak for a bit; and then I iced several different areas of my shoulders, elbow, and wrist. Felt good for a while and now it's down to the kind of burn that just says I worked really hard and am probably going to be VERY sore tomorrow.

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