June 25, 2010

WOD: Back to Basics

Details as usual on the CF Rockwall blog. Today's workout was just the 'basics' - running, sit-ups, push-ups. Easy stuff right?

My workout was:
3 Rounds for Time:
  • 400m run
  • 35 sit-ups
  • 30 push-ups
Done as intermediate, just with more running. Time was a very satisfactory 16:40. Could it have been better? Maybe yes, if I didn't get to exhaustion on push-ups so quickly.

Another new goal (adding to my 2x bodyweight deadlift one): I want to suck less at push-ups. Wimpy arms and chest (particularly chest) just won't cut it!

The goal
Do a minimum of 16 rounds in "Cindy" by the end of the Eat Real challenge.

My most recent workout to compare this goal against was on 6/18:
12 Rounds for Time: (intermediate)
  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 squats
Time was 17:29 for 12 rounds, mostly held up by the push-ups. Cutting down round times and counting the extra 2.5 minutes in Cindy's 20 minutes makes 16 rounds sound like an achievable goal.

How to get there? Keep doing the WODs, obviously, but I'm going to throw an extra 10 or 15 push-ups into the warm-up every day I work out. Oooh, or maybe burpees.

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